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Kids Room & Bedroom Ideas

Actualy, for kids room interior design, it is important to remember that this space must combine everything the child needs while taking into account your own taste preferences, to ensure the room is in harmony with the rest of the house.

Designing a room for your child is a very involving and important task. After all, the kids room will become a nurturing place for many years to come! In this room,

Scandinavian Kids Room Ideas

Scandinavian design is perfect for a kid’s room because light colors are soothing and relaxing after noisy games. Nordic designed nursery furniture must be simple, functional and preferably made from natural materials. These are all characteristics of Scandinavian interior design.

Small Spaces Scandinavian Kids Room

One of the many benefits of having a Scandinavian styled kids room is that the interior can easily be transformed as your kids grow up. Brilliant white walls mean you can easily create a new interior design scheme depending on how old your child is and how their interests evolve.


Desk & Garage Storage Ideas

Desk Storage Ideas

Many psychologists say that the success of your endeavors is related to the orderliness of your workplace. The extent to which such an assertion is correct or not is up to you to decide. However, no one will argue with the fact that a clear and functional workspace is one of the elements which leads to successful output. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to even the smallest of details in your work area.

Garage Storage Ideas

In every garage, there is a vast number of tools and various random bits and pieces. Anyone who is handy around the home needs a place where they can store all their tools. An issue that often comes up in a small workshop or a garage is how difficult it is to accommodate every item in an organized manner. Our selection will help you understand how to use the space more efficiently in your garage.

Furniture with Velvet

With advancements in textile technology, velvet’s use with various types of furnishings (from coverings to curtains to cushions) has been made easier. An expensive and lush fabric, velvet is known for its opulence and grandeur. In many ways, it can be argued that such a reputation has tarnished the fabric’s character—velvet can be viewed as extravagant, gaudy and tasteless. Indeed its place in smart, modern interiors is often questionable.It would seem that velvet-covered furnishings are in vogue, with designers conceivably influenced by velvet trends on the catwalk and the popularity of velvet with the celebrity set (, 2017).

Velvet luxury

Velvet refers to the structure of the fabric as opposed to the actual fibre—it is distinguished by its soft touch and glossy sheen, and has a pile weave structure. Fine yarns, usually made from linen, mohair, silk, wool and cotton, are woven into small loops in one direction.

Furniture draped in velvet

Perhaps with such a contention in mind, a number of brands and designers have risen to the challenge and created a range of contemporary velvet furnishings. And more than a fad or trend, these furnishings have a lifetime of appeal.

Wind by Broste Copenhagen

Danish brand Broste Copenhagen has launched its first furniture collection. Known as Wind, the collection consists of a sofa, chaise longue, pouf and armchair. Beautifully crafted and appointed, every piece is upholstered in sumptuous autumn-coloured velvets. With a minimalist profile, the Wind series is striking and strong, and the use of velvet adds a pleasing, tactile quality.

Circus Pouf by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen

The Circus Pouf was created by Danish designer Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen. With its rounded shape and graphic lines (using an unfussy triangular design), the pouf is a contemporary interpretation of the antique Moroccan leather pouf. Minimal in form, the Circus Pouf is doubtless an inviting, expressive piece—perfect for sitting, resting tired feet or using as a coffee table. The Circus pouf is covered in a luxuriously woven, deep and textured velour (a fabric with a similar look and feel to velvet).

Vuelta by Wittman Hayon Workshop

The extraordinarily talented Spanish artist–designer Jaime Hayon joined forces with Austrian furniture brand Wittmann, to craft and create the Wittmann Hayon Workshop. With a style described as ‘eclectic, exciting [and] Mediterranean-baroque’, the workshop’s designs embody a sense of vitality and confidence. Several pieces from the Wittmann Hayon Workshop collection are shown with a plush velvet upholstery, including the distinctive Vuelta high back chair and Vuelta 80 lounge chair.

Poufs by Ferm Living

A firm part of the Copenhagen design scene, ferm LIVING embarked on its creative journey in 2006. The brand’s distinctive wares are especially disposed to looking on the bright side. ferm LIVING’s shapely new poufs are upholstered in velvet. With their geometric lines and organic appearance, the poufs—available in three sizes, shapes and colours—are opulent and modern at the same time.

Elements for Fall Entertaining

Dark backgrounds and illuminating foregrounds are also quite striking. Even if you don’t have dark walls to contrast your metallic decor, you can always go with a charcoal tablecloth to offset your favorite serving pieces in the dining room. Monochromatic style makes a big impact, so pick your favorite hue and layer it in your living room or dining room! Shades of rusty rose take center stage in this space by ferm LIVING The only thing more delicious than the fall food that graces our tabletops each autumn is the decor that emerges from the new collections. As the air turns chilly and we anticipate a season of gathering, entertaining, and connecting with others, let’s explore ways to make this time of year extra special. Keep reading for decorative elements that will take your home (and tabletop) to new heights as you indulge in fall entertaining

Neutral Tones

Neutral is the new chic. In fact, today’s neutrals are anything but boring, especially when you accent them with metallics. So layer the concrete, grey and stone, and throw in a dash of copper or gold. This Project 62 tableware from Target gets the job done. A neutral backdrop is the perfect canvas for fall foliage. Whether you’re stuck with neutral walls in a rental or you’ve sought out neutral paint for your home, let fall tones come to life against beige, grey and taupe backgrounds through houseplants and floral arrangements.

Shades of deep green beautifully complement neutral tones such as grey. Set a table in grey, and incorporate punches of rich green via lighting, dishware, gourds, and other interesting elements.

Wooden pieces can channel the earthy feel of fall, especially when a range of variations are showcased. These Drupe Mills are perfect for holding ground spices, salt and pepper. Ash wood is the material of choice, presented in six different colors

Dark Tableware

Have you noticed a growing number of black dishware and flatware selections? Perfect for capturing the contemplative mood of fall and winter, dark colors can also create a sense of decadence. These Ember Wood Bowls from CB2 are made from natural acacia wood, finished with a grey or sheer black stain. Speaking of decadence, black dishware is brought to life by gold flatware and berry tones, especially as the holiday season nears.

Special Serveware

Fall gatherings are special, so your serveware can mirror the festivity of the season. These Mini Gianna Dishes with Lid from CB2  showcase three shades of glass: clear, smoke and amber. Use them to display candies and other delicious edibles as you entertain. Use serving pieces to complement the food you’re presenting to guests. The subtle blue-green hue of this Agate Cheese Board from Anthropologie is the perfect counterpart to the rust tone of the figs

Something Sparkly

Fall marks the beginning of entertaining season! From Halloween to Thanksgiving and the holidays, there are many occasions for wining, dining and shining–ha! So bring some sparkle to your table with a few special pieces, such as this Irina Gold Martini Glass from CB2. Cocktail, anyone?

Gold flatware is another way to enliven your table this fall and winter. Whether you go gold with bigger pieces such as ladles and serving spoons or you embellish each place setting with this Vika Sky Flatware from Anthropologie, rest assured that you can find selections that are dishwasher safe

The holidays will be here before we know it! Pick up a few sparkly decorations such as these Paiette Ball Ornaments, which can be displayed in a bowl until your tree or garland is ready for embellishment. Bonus points if you noticed the ombre effect created by the scales

Apartment Modern Consept

Apartment Modern Consept

Stylish-concrete-metal-and-brick-finishes-inside-the-contemporary-industrial-apartment Apartment Modern Consept

A small internal courtyard leads to the apartment where a spacious entry gives way to the open plan living area. Translucent screens with dark, metallic frames act as room dividers that allow light to pass through, even while elevating the industrial aura of the home. The open living area is characterized by its gorgeous exposed brick walls, contemporary concrete surfaces and metallic finishes; all of which sit comfortably next to one another. The dark and dashing kitchen with shelves and cabinets that reach all the way up to the roof, a dynamic and versatile island with breakfast bar, and a cozy dining room with industrial-style lighting complete this space.


Modern Dining Room

Modern Dining Room

Fabulous Modern Farmhouse Style!

If there is one style that epitomizes a blend of modernity and inimitable rustic elements along with ageless beauty of wood, then it is modern farmhouse. As the name suggests, you can blend in modern and farmhouse style design elements in here while varying the proportions of each to get a desired look of your choice. If you happen to be someone who loves the classic, farmhouse vibe more, then load up on additions like the wooden hutches, a heavy wooden dining table with weathered finish, chairs clad in plaid and a beautiful chandelier to give the dining room that timeless appeal.

Choosing the Right Décor

If you want to give the modern dining room a more nature-centric look, then choosing the right décor is as important as the color scheme. A vintage hutch or credenza in the backdrop can give even the most contemporary of dining rooms a traditional touch. Old wooden cabinets that are repainted in white work well in shabby chic settings, while antique furniture can easily fit into dining rooms with a wide variety of themes, ranging from traditional to vintage-modern.


Refined and Inviting

Maybe you do not really want a modern farmhouse style dining space to disturb the overall appeal of the open plan living area. If you are looking to just add a touch of natural elegance and textural contrast to the modern dining room, then the inspirations below the simplicity with which it can be done. One of the easiest ways is to replace some of those dining chairs with a cool wooden bench that offers more seating space and also ushers in rustic appeal. Throw in a plush blanket or even a few pillows to make it a comfortable experience for everyone.

The large live-edge wooden table is another striking addition that surely brings something special to the dining room while weathered and repurposed décor adds another layer of visual warmth to the exquisite dining space. It is a change in small details that makes a big impact…

Ceiling Lamps with Glassy

Ceiling Lamps with Glassy

Elegant-Eclipse-penadnts-with-metal-and-glass Ceiling Lamps with Glassy

While a couple of these will double as great chandeliers in a small dining room or even the luxurious bathroom, the third is the perfect pendant choice for those who wish to turn their kitchen ceiling into a glittering canvas that steals the spotlight.

Opulence of Venezia

Stylish, classy and uncomplicated in its form, Venezia designed by Emanuele Zenere couples the charm of a cascading chandelier with a more traditional design. Yet its overall form, use of a chromed steel frame, and clear, straight lines make it distinctly contemporary. The chandelier works well even in tiny rooms because of its flawless design, and it’s bound to become the showpiece of any room it adorns.

Elegant & Minimal Eclipse

We absolutely adore the minimalistic form of Eclipse and how its various finishes add intrigue and contrast to the interior. The chromed steel, clear glass and pearl white painted steel lampshades designed by Philip Jackson provide you with diverse options while giving the room a cheerful and festive appeal. It is a lighting fixture that also blends in beautifully with diverse themes ranging from industrial and retro to the likes of minimal

Classy Kidal

Another Emanuele Zenere masterpiece, Kidal reminds us of the Caboche Chandelier when it comes to its silhouette and the overall visual impact that it makes. Available in three different sizes, its cylindrical form makes it a favorite among designers, as it adds geometric contrast to rigid modern interiors. While it might be a staple in dining rooms across the world in years to come, it also seems a great choice for the glamorous bedside pendant

Minimalist Home Design

Minimalist Home Design

Comfortable Minimalist Home Design

Having a dream home must be everyone’s dream. Not a matter of size, a good home is a home that can bring happiness and comfort to its inhabitants. Regardless of whether the house is large or small, the most important thing is how you design it.

Home is the source of the happiness of every family. Thus, a house should be designed in such a way as to fit the needs and desires of the owner.

Translating the tastes and needs of everyone is certainly not an easy job. A designer must have excellent experience and interaction skills. Comfortable home design is derived from the ability to translate the wishes of each homeowner who is certainly different from each other. Each person has their own characteristics and character.

Comfortable-Minimalist-Home-Interior-Design-Image Minimalist Home Design

A special approach to get some information about client details is the first task of any designer. After that, this information and data are further processed and translated into a perfect interior design. But again, it is not an easy job.

Comfortable home design; needs above desires The interesting thing about comfortable home design, is not only about size.

However, a comfortable home design is about putting needs above desires. Many homeowners only want their home design by including various elements and design elements that are often unnecessary. It affects the non-functioning of either a space, or a space malfunction. A top designer and topnotch once said: “no house is too small, there is furniture that is too big.” The design of a cozy little house is a matter of alignment of composition, dimensions, furniture and space.

The concept and design of a comfortable and functional home, the unity of the space functions and the artistic interior design, into one way to get the idea of ​​a comfortable home design. How a house, no matter how size, can have a truly comfortable level of comfort. And certainly do not rule out the matter of care. Design house, big house or small house, to be comfortable of course should have a level of easy care and also cheap.

The design of a functional little house; small house 35 square meters Small house measuring approximately 35 square meters in Austin, Texas United States was designed by a designer and architect named Kim Lewis. What makes it unique, is that this tiny house is a combination of two small trailer homes. Both units are combined by a deck to form a beautiful little house unit. An idea of ​​designing a smart little house. You can start it with one house first, then try to add another when you need to.

Small house measuring 26 square meters

Comfortable-Minimalist-Home-Interior-Design-Image Minimalist Home Design

The little house called “The NestHouse”. Designed by architect and designer Jonathan Avery from Tiny House Scotland. This small house with a firm red color measuring only 26 square meters only. Uniquely, Nethouse has an attic that functioned as a bedroom area. Design a small house that is very interesting and also consistently maintain the line of philosophy of thought small home movement or tiny house movement is busy.

Minimalist Gazebo Design

Minimalist Gazebo Design

Gazebo itself is many kinds, minimalist gazebo usually located in the park or poolside. Although impressed luxury and only suitable to be built on the home page, in fact, minimalist gazebo can be built simple and medium-sized. Approximately what kind of minimalist gazebo design is suitable built in your house to relax later? Check out some of Kania’s following inspirations!

After a whole day working in a confined space, you need relaxation to make your mind feel more calm and vibrant. This relaxation can you do at home respectively, such as listening to music in the room, reading a book in your library, swimming in the pool, to sit back enjoying a cup of coffee in the gazebo minimalist.

designingidea-Copy-476856129-1523087964138 Minimalist Gazebo Design

1. Minimalist gazebo with hexagon shape

Minimalist gazebo material that is most suitable to be built in the middle of the park is wood. Instead of building a minimalist gazebo with a square shape, try to shape the shape to look more attractive. Make a fence with a half-height height adult body to be able to see the beauty of the park from within. For the roof use a green ceramic tile.

designingidea-Copy-476856129-1523087964138 Minimalist Gazebo Design

2. Gazebo minimalist all wood

The first minimalist gazebo was built using 100{0c25254415434e9cc4bb19df1bb23a46d46f7cddedf2c5b3be8c3d785556a07d} wood material. The design is simple and the roof is left hollow. The cavities on the roof of this minimalist gazebo allow you to bask in the sun after swimming without having to feel too hot or glare.

designingidea-Copy-476856129-1523087964138 Minimalist Gazebo Design

3. Minimalist gazebo with thatched roof

Gazebo minimalist this one is suitable to entertain guests or just a place to read a comfortable book. The roof is made of straw, looks natural and natural so it is suitable for traditional and tropical style house. Add curtains on all four sides to block out the scorching sun or insects at night.

designingidea-Copy-476856129-1523087964138 Minimalist Gazebo Design

4. Minimalist gazebo with vines

For the lovers of plants, this minimalist gazebo could be a design that reflects you. Plant a number of green plants propagate to decorate the minimalist gazebo structure made of whole tree trunks. After that add flowers and shrubs as a barrier gazebo minimalist area with a garden.

designingidea-Copy-476856129-1523087964138 Minimalist Gazebo Design

5. French minimalist gazebo

The French garden is famous for its symmetrical cultivation and beautiful garden decorations. One such decor is a French-style minimalist gazebo. Minimalist gazebo is usually made using wood painted in white. The top uses a brown roof. Semi-open nature. Usually this minimalist gazebo is added some hanging pots with colorful flowers and small lights.

designingidea-Copy-476856129-1523087964138 Minimalist Gazebo Design

6. Minimalist gazebo with swing beds

A nap is needed to restore energy so you remain excited about the rest of the day. Take a nap is nice accompanied by a breeze. Just try hanging this hanging mattress in a minimalist gazebo near the pool. What kind of nervousness would I like to take a nap here, right?

7. Minimalist gazebo of natural stone

designingidea-Copy-476856129-1523087964138 Minimalist Gazebo Design

Got a rustic-style house or a Mediterranean house? If so, then the minimalist gazebo of this natural stone is the right inspiration for you. Natural stone makes this minimalist gazebo look more cool and sturdy. No need for excessive decoration, you simply put a set of tables and chairs just to enjoy a relaxing time.designingidea-Copy-476856129-1523087964138 Minimalist Gazebo Design

8. Minimalist cube-shaped gazebo

Semi-closed minimalist gazebo looks unique because its shape resembles a cube. As the entrance, on both sides there is a big hole. Put a soft cushion in it to add comfort while relaxing.

That’s 8 inspiration minimalist gazebo design that you can build on the home page and use to relax even entertain guests. Discover the decorations and furnishings of your dream gazebo with ease and simplicity in dekoruma. Congratulations on your favorite designs!

Most Popular Home Interior Designs

Before you act to apply your own interior design home, it’s good to know the 14 types of interior design the most popular home in the world below!

1. Scandinavian house interior design

brilliant-nordic-interior-design-60-scandinavian-interior-design-ideas-to-add-scandinavian-style-to-ebizby-design-2536125841-1513139836106 Most Popular Home Interior Designs

Scandinavian home interior design is synonymous with clean and natural impression. The floors used to use white ceramics or wood bermaterial. There is not much decoration in this interior design.

Arrangement of furniture is also done neatly so there is no impression mess, especially when decorating the family room. The attraction of this design is the lighting and throw fabrics as decorations on the sofa.

2. Modern home interior design

In addition to minimalist, modern home interior design is also often selected by modern society. The elements used in modern home design is practically similar to a minimalist home interior design. It’s just that the interior design of this modern house is synonymous with furniture that uses iron and glass material to create a shiny and modern feel.

3. Traditional home interior design

The interior design of this traditional house is a typical European style that is identical with wood elements. You can apply wood elements to all parts of the house ranging from wood flooring materials, seating, tables, cabinets, to decoration. The use of brown wood elements will create a natural and warm atmosphere that will complement the togetherness of the inhabitants of the house.

Modern House Architecture Styles

4. Interior design of vintage house

Vintage house interior design is often associated with women because it looks beautiful and sweet. The interior design of the vintage house is dominated by soft colors like white, light green, light gray, pink pastel, and light yellow. For the motive, this interior design is dominated by small flowers that are applied to pillowcases or sofa upholstery.

While the usual furniture used when arranging vintage living room, for example, commonly use wood materials that paint slightly peeled so that leaves the impression of a bygone era.

5. Home interior design shabby chic

The interior design of the shabby chic house is influenced by a very feminine and soft vintage style. Shabby chic interior is dominated by white, cream, and other pastel colors. The word shabby itself has a shabby meaning, so do not be surprised if you will find a lot of shabby-style furniture in this interior.

This shabby furniture is usually a wooden table or cabinet. Used reusable items such as wooden containers as tables or cans as potted plants.

6. Home interior design bohemian

The interior design of this bohemian home is perfect for you who have a free and expressive spirit. Bohemian style has a characteristic use of carpets and fabrics that enliven the appearance of the room.

To apply this interior design, you can combine various motifs and colors in one room. For example, use Mandala tapestry as decoration. Red pillowcase with green carpet? No problem. Using 2 types of sofas at the same time also does not matter.

7. Contemporary home interior design

Contemporary home interior design is a design style that represents the present. This design continues to develop as time goes by. However, basically contemporary interior design is dominated by sleek lines and contrast. In addition, lighting techniques are also used to focus on wall accents.

Commonly used elements are silk, velvet, linen and wool for decorations such as pillows or bed covers, as well as steel and chrome for decorations such as lamps, wall hangings, or tables.

8. Home industrial interior design

Interior design of industrial homes get inspiration from industrial warehouse interiors. Industrial interior design is identical with concrete floor and steel ceiling. Abroad, not infrequently people renovate the former warehouse to get a thick industrial interior.

The color that dominates this industrial interior is black and gray. Used furniture usually bermaterial metal and iron. If you want to apply this interior design, make sure you have a high ceiling.

9. Interior design minimalist home

Minimalist home interior design is the most popular interior design among modern people who have small dwelling and want a simple style. Minimalist interior design is synonymous with neutral colors like white, gray, and black.

The furniture used has clean lines and simple shapes like boxes and round. Houses with a minimalist interior also does not have a lot of decorations in every corner.

10. Home interior design transition

The interior design of the transitional house is a blend of traditional and modern styles. The elements used are glass and iron furniture, and neutral colors such as white and brown. This interior design will create a warm atmosphere as well as comfortable for residents.

11. House interior design is mid-century modern

The interior design of the mid-century-modern house was popular in the mid-1950s with the characteristic of a simple, clean, and integrated feel with nature. The colors most commonly used in this interior design are warm and natural colors like brown.

Other colors commonly chosen for this style are olive, orange, yellow, or gray. Used furniture usually has a smooth curve or has a geometric shape.

12. Home interior design nautical

The interior design of this nautical house is an interior design that is identical with the atmosphere of the beach or the sea. The colors that dominate this interior are of course blue and white.

The most commonly used decorations are the blue-and-white stripes and nautical displays such as sand, shell, or ship’s rudder. The interior is perfect for those of you who love blue or have a house near the beach.

13. Rustic house interior design

Rustic house interior design is synonymous with wooden elements with no finishing touches and natural stone. This element can be seen from the brick walls are not diaci, exposed ceilings, and wood furniture. The nuances created by this interior design are rugged but warm.