Popular Japanese Television

Who would think that Japan TV would be a milestone in television today. Japan TV first started in 1939 making it one of the first countries in the world with television service. The experiment only lasted a couple months but it made an impact on television today. Television was regularly broadcast in Japan in 1951. You would think with the history of television in Japan they would offer a more wide variety of channels, however this is not the case.

Japan TV has only six nationwide television networks. The six nation wide networks include Nippon Hoso Kyokai, Nippon New Network, Japan New Network, Fuji New Network, All-Nippon New Network and TV Tokyo Network. Remaining stations on Japan TV are heavily controlled by the Japanese Association of Independent Television Stations. Most of the programs are considered in-house productions.

The idea of satellite cable is becoming increasingly popular in Japan. On Japan TV the concentrate on several types of programing. The most popular programing includes variety shows, news, sports programs, drama and trivia shows. During the morning hours Japan TV airs whole shows that are aimed at the Japanese housewife. On cable television in Japan, American movies are the most popular shows.

Much of the television in Japan offers English translation. Television is Japan is wildly popular. Television is everywhere in Japan. You can find televisions in stores, cars and on large billboard of busy streets. Subway cars are even equipped with television sets. It is estimated that the average Japanese household has at least two television sets. Japan TV uses a technology called Hi-Vision.

The average show broadcast in Japan has 525 scanning lines while Hi-Vision has 1,125 scanning lines. This accounts for a five times sharper image. It is estimated that a Japanese child watches four hours of television per day. Television has become a booming industry in Japan.

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