Takeshi’s Castle- TV Show

Takeshi’s Castle is a fun family show which was based in Japan in the 1980’s. Whilst Takeshi’s Castle is no longer being filmed, you can watch the show on cable tv. The star of the show was a Japanese actor called Takeshi Kitano who is defending his castle against the contestants. The show has a cult like following all over the world as people tune in to watch the contestants go through various challenges, which often makes for amusing viewing. There have been many international versions of Takeshi’s Castle and shows like Total Wipeout in the United Kingdom are an example of this with a similar concept.

When Takeshi’s Castle was shown in the United Kingdom it was narrated by Craig Charles and was shown on Challenge Television. The show was first introduced to British audiences when it had a slot on Tarrant On Tv in the 1990’s, which was a show well known for showing funny and interesting clips from television shows all over the world. The game starts with over a hundred contestants (both male and female) which are then whittled down to the final few who make it through the trials to battle for Takeshi’s Castle.

For die hard fans there is an official website called Keshi Heads, where fans of the show can find out more about the show, meet the cast, play games, ask questions and join in on the Forum. If you have never seen this show before there is also information of when and where it will be broadcast next so that you can see for yourself this fun and physical show!!. The show has become so popular and loved that there is now a petition to get the show started up again and no doubt there will be plenty of willing fans who would love to have a go for themselves.