Japanese Cartoons on British TV

Japan anime has not just the kids, but the adults as well glued to the television. Akira created waves when it was aired globally. But sadly it never made it to the British TV. Why is it that the sought after Japanese Cartoons finds it difficult to get a spot on British TV?

Toonami the youth channel which aired from September 2003 to May 2007, managed to bring to the British TV some glances of the Japanese Cartoons. But ever since the channel has stopped the anime series have been taken off the small screen once again. A quick google search on the internet reveals various groups who have started small petition movements asking to bring Toonami back.

The big British Channels do manage to throw the spotlight on Japanese Cartoons every now and then. For example, when BBC telecasted its season of Hidden Japan, the magic of anime series was brought the UK audiences once again. The other area where Japanese Cartoons stand a chance to be seen are via films. Most of the films by Studio Ghibli who were the backbone of Hayo Miyazaki’s Oscar winning Spirited Away in 2003, tend to draw the focus back to anime. But anime TV series at large, go un-showcased on British television.

Jonathan Ross did showcase Japanese Cartoon in his Japanorama documentaries. But without him, anime series seem to be a little lost in UK. The brief surge of hope for anime was the launch of the digital channel Anime Central channel which was also shut down in August 2008. The Japanese Cartoon of digital channels got squeezed into a slot on showcase TV which was aired at unearthly hour in the morning and did not reach out to a lot of audience

For lovers of Japanese Cartoon, British TV leaves only one choice. Dig into the web repertoire of anime or grab your favorite anime series DVDs. It will be a while before big channels like BBC and Channel 4 give Japanese Cartoon their due space.